“Centuries, millenia have gone by.

Towns were born, flowered and were forgotten,

Millions of faces followed one another,

But I haven’t found you again,

Mother Earth, Powerful Goddess of the Universe”



What are we freeing ourselves of?

I will start from long long ago, 16,5 billion years ago. At that time the Maya Calendar started its computation of time which includes nine steps on a ladder that ultimately aims at Unity. Each transition describes the evolution of Consciousness in it fundamental steps, when matter and substance subjugate and dissolve form in a continuous and foreseeable process.

In this way, over time, consciousness has received ever new and different attributes, which have created the evolutionary spiral leading us from duality to unity. The fundamentally changed parameter is TIME, since we are now perceive it differently, in the same way Space changes as well. Humanity has now passed from the three dimensional wave to the multidimensional one. All these temporal lines belong to us, they are our genetic memory, they are the background to our daily life from our survival to our expression of beauty and harmony.

nove onde

Examining the last three waves of the Maya Pyramid , a nine steps ladder, we can connect to the last 3 centuries of our civilization in order to understand its symbolic meaning.

With the seventh wave, between 1755 and 1999, we entered a cycle of loss of contact with light and the beginning of pure materialism. This wave started with the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Lisbon in 1755. When an event such as this happens, with one of more of the Four Archetypical elements involved, humanity has a chance to bring forward the Life Plan itself.

On an individual level there was a clear message to stay in the body, however this has lead to complete identification with the physical aspects, at the expense of spirituality. The same period has been the industrial and technological revolutions.


   In 1999 the Eighth wave has given rise to a new period where the Feminine has become active again, thus bringing its strength, its powerful healing energy that comes from the heart of the Earth and owns the role of Mother Goddess both earthly and heavenly.

The event majestically inaugurating this wave was the total Sun eclipse on August 11th 1999.


     The total sun eclipse happened during the new moon, when the Moon is usually obscured by the Sun. That day, at midday – the time of the brightest sun light- the Moon?/Woman eclipsed entirely the Sun/Man, thus ascending to the throne.

   The speed of the cosmic sounds that give rhythm to each Wave are 20 times faster than the previous one, so we quickly reached March 2011 with the beginning of the Ninth Wave, the last step of the Ascending Ladder that makes us enter the Unity Consciousness, allowing the Light Source to flood us inside and out. This is the time of conscious co-creation, therefore actions need to be performed in complete awareness according to Divine Plan.


The Ninth Wave as well started with an intense earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The deep waters of our lives have also been stirred, so that our fears could come to the surface, thus destroying the false beliefs that obscured our light.

   If we think about our individual lives, we can remember the deep changes, those challenges were actual blessings, which have lead us to this time of conscious co-creation.

   The New Earth is first of all within ourselves. We are radiating vital light. Our thoughts and actions can be permeated by it, if we allow it.

True freedom is being ourselves, without mental superstructures, with serenity and ease. We just need to listen to our inner Guide and follow it, as the new generations know so well, such as the Indingo, Crystal, Rainbow and Diamond children.


translation: Antonella Vicini




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