Translated and edited by Antonella Vicini


Walking on the sky path has always been part of human nature, a deep need to be in tune with the rhythms of the Earth and its cosmic counterparts. Our ancient forefathers knew very well the movements of stars and planets, as well as their cycles, from the fast of the moon track to the thousand year long precession of the equinoxes, or the even longer one of our solar system rotating around the centre of the galaxy.

Sacred buildings, sometimes entire cities, were built according to these movements that still constitute the basis of becoming, since nothing is static, but all is in constant motion. Our Earth, and we are part of it, participates in this eternal dance that keeps creating worlds, where microcosm and macrocosm mirror each other, thus preserving life.

Immersed in technology we sometimes forget this connection, we feel a sense of separation, as we are been abandoned, but this is not real, since we have only interrupted the constant connection with our celestial part. Myths, legends, fairy tales have handed down across the millennia the ancient astronomical information, today often confirmed by science, that connect us to the cosmos. They also show us, using a symbolic language, how much we participate in this constant flux and how much of it lives inside us. By observing the incessant movement of the planets within the zodiac grid, we can interpret the unfolding of our physical, spiritual, psychic life thus making sense of the events we experience.

The Zodiac is a Greek word that literally means the cycle of animals, since many animals represent the signs and that can be also translated as ‘Wheel of Life’. The Sun walks along the entire zodiac during the sun year made up of 365 days. therefore the path of the Sun, corresponding to the 12 signs from Aries to Pisces, represents Nature in its annual cycle of 12 months; from the observations on the seasonal changes in nature and the associated animals come the characteristics of each sign.

The most important moments in the year are the 2 solstices and the 2 equinoxes. They indicate the changes of seasons, they are the axis of the annual Sun cycle and they also represent the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. These elements proceed in a spiral motion creating the Quintessence, the Invisible Force that nurtures everything.

The Four Elements work through the Zodiac according to the seasons each sign is connected to a specific month, a specific element one of the 12 senses. Yes, there are twelve senses and it is extremely important to become aware of them in this historical period of great changes, since we need them in order to widen our perspective. Through this wider range of perception we will able to develop more strands of our DNA , this following the divine plan, the Project of the Great Architect, who foresees our evolution as part of our solar system and the entire cosmos we belong to, just like one of our cells belongs to our body.

The combination of the 12 Zodiac signs to the 12 senses is based on the ANALOGY principle, a symbolic approach to the interpretation of the connection between visible and invisible. In the analogical process both sides of our brains are operational , both intuition and rational mind give body and voice to what could not be understood nor clarified otherwise.

I would like to underline here that the pairing of zodiac signs and human senses is the product of my own personal, human and astrological experience.




Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, for this reason it looks out towards infinity, here we have a change to see the beauty of the universe and its magnificence.

In the natural development of our life journey there is a beginning and an end, according to a circular motion in which the extremes touch. We may have lost the vision of our coming to the light here in the three dimensional reality, thus we cannot ‘see’ our exit from our time on Earth as a natural step.

Neptune is now travelling through Pisces and will remain until 2025, signalling a period of great changes both individually and socially. Neptune will give voice to our souls transforming our vision of the world.

I have connected the Pisces with our sight because our physical eye sight is not sufficient anymore in our evolution which leads us towards ‘ascension’, this will be a Quantico leap that will reveal out true multidimensional nature and will allow us to transcend within matter. Etheric sight can uncover secrets about our divine nature, it can reveal to us that we are part of the whole and the whole is in us. By activating this new sight we will be able to ‘see’ or perceive all the energetic movements, the aura, the elementals in nature, the infinite archetypal images, our Guides, since their colours are between infrared and infra violet rays, therefore beyond physical eyesight. We will not be afraid anymore, nor we will fear death, since we will have the certainty of our constant connection to Life.



Aries, sign of great strength and vital force! How much energy we find in this sign that starts the season! We are at the point of balance between light and darkness, at a suspended moment in time, such as it happens at dawn when the darkness is dissolved by the rising sun. At every spring equinox Nature receives as initiation, it leaves a phase of sleeping and silent non identity, in order to be in to own specific way.

In the human body Aries is the head, with the head we come to the world at birth, thus announcing our presence in the incessant flux of life. Therefore the Aries ha in itself the sense of identity and, for us human beings, the Sense of I, the change underway in our perception of ourselves, is due mainly to this sign, where Uranus has been in transit for some year already. This planet is obliging us to change deeply, since many dynamics with other people don’t work anymore and produce only conflicts or misunderstandings.

In the evolution of consciousness , Uranus in Aries is leading us from ego to the essence, transforming entirely our sense of I. it shatters all the walls built by our ego to protect enemy attacks, it will open the door to the discovery who we e really are, our true identity so far hidden by the many layers of conditioning.

From warriors fighting in fratricidal wars to Light Warriors: we are essence of evolving light, this new sense of I will allows us to comprehend and enjoy this reality.



The universe is alive, nothing is static, everything happening according to a precise plan by the Cosmic Consciousness, this creative energy has had many names, according to the times and places where human beings have lived. In order to act and flow according to its creative wave, we human beings need to give a name to this immutable Principle which, through observation and experiment, becomes itself. We name it in order to be one with it. Such names where born from pure substance, condensed into a Sound, a sacred sound. This is why in the Christianity religion there is the commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of Lord thy God in vain. Any name we use for the Creative Consciousness is sacred and belongs to us, since it becomes material through a sound that passes through and inspires us.

When we turn into its frequency, we enter in direct contact with the cosmic energy of the Solar Logos. Each planet, star, asteroid and galaxy vibrates along this energy and is lead by it. Everything spins around its central axis. It emanates its energy and merges with others creating life. This model is universal, it travels across the universe of which we are integral and integrated part; we are the uni-verse and we strive towards unity.. Everything is one, nurtured by the divine cosmic Love principle.

Every living thing has its central, load bearing axis. The Mother Earth rotates around the Sun, but it also rotates on its axis which is inclined on the celestial equator for about 23 degrees.

We also have our axis that allows us to stand upright and, opening our arms, we can make a cross: this is the cross of existence whose centre is our heart. When our heart opens to love, we connect emphatically to the heart oh whoever is near us and with the heart of the Earth itself. At such time we are in communion with the Centre of Centres, with the source from which everything is born and returns eventually: the Divine Cosmic Consciousness. We can enter in the universal breath every time we are in our centre, this becomes easier when a planet support this alignment.

The moon gives us this bridge every 28 days, the Sun once a year on December 19TH , Jupiter every 12 years, and so on. The latest big alignment between earth, Pluto and the Galactic Centre happened in 2006, thus opening the gate, which has become active in 2012. Now we can receive all the information we need by tuning our heart frequency.

Our five senses cannot support us in perceiving this impalpable substance, therefore we need to activate their etheric counterparts.



Feeding supports our growth and development in the body we have chosen for our incarnation. Our body holds all the memories preserved in our cells, it remembers all the ancient deeds we left suspended when we returned to our celestial abode. Eating fruits from Mother Earth we give life to our past and transform it. Through food we are more in contact with our physical body, we can thus put down roots in the role chosen to complete the task for the current incarnation. Savouring life help us to take full responsibility for ourselves, testing the different flavours of food is the first step towards being in tune with our destiny, or against it when we eat junk food. There are thousands and different tastes developing from the foundation ones: sweet, bitter, salty, acidic, spicy, hot, but we can also recognize the liquid, thick, and so on. Each kind of food we eat comes from the Earth that feeds us with generous love, it produces spontaneously the herbs that can heal our fears, our physical fatigue, our emotional wounds. The bitter taste of some herbs cleans us the bitter toxins accumulated over tile in our liver, the acidic lemon makes alkaline out Ph level.

This tiny examples lead us to consider haw taste makes us participate and be present to our physical sensations and emotions. Relishing life indicates that we have overcome our karma, we have rebalanced our memories.

When we are free from these chains we are free to taste everything: food, thoughts, landscapes, a dear friend, our soul inspiration, we are constantly present to ourselves and in complete attachment with our physically.

The ear allows us to hear the information from the world, it is a complex organ divided in three parts: inner, middle and external. This fine division creates three steps that each noise needs to cross in order to reach the brain and so be identified.

Hearing is the first sense to be developed in the foetus , since it facilitates cotact with the external world, it is connected to the element of Air. Gemini, governed by Mercury the messenger, is the solar sign in charge of instant communication, not filtered by prejudices or mental structures. Hearing bypasses the mind thus connecting us directly with what is around us. According to the noise we can interpret the condition we are in: nature sounds relax our ‘emotional muscles’, giving us a persistent sense of well being; while heavy street noises bit our energy field like arrows creating a sense fear of alarm, an almost physical unease.

The other important function of hearing allows us to communicate with others in dialogue, which can turns into a monologue, when we speak, but are not ready or willing to listen. Listening is essential in order to understand and share with the people in our lives. Listening is an art and an act of great love, when we give our attention to another person’s words.


Translation by Antonella Vicini

 Article from : April 2015





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